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hashcash related news

These are technical news things. Ie things a developer or technical person interested in hashcash might consider news on the deployment or tech front.

There is also a media articles section for things the press have to say, and a papers section for hashcash related academic publications.

  • 10 Nov 2004 - below article slashdotted, David Mertz's article appeared on slashdot here
  • 09 Nov 2004 - hashcash article - the article by David Mertz, PhD (author of the python hashcash implementation). In his Charming Python column on developerWorks.
  • 19 Oct 2004 - mdaemon hashcash support - ALTN technologies mdaemon now supports hashcash see screnshots here.
  • 03 Oct 2004 - hashcash windows DLL a hashcash dll for windows - should make it easier for windows apps to integrate hashcash. Download the dll and hashcash.lib for linking (look for hashcash-x.xx-dll.zip).
  • 09 Sep 2004 - SpamAssassin 3.0 article on SpamAssassin by Alan Schwarts (it's author) - mentions new features including hashcash
  • 08 Sep 2004 - hashcash 1.05 released CHANGELOG new 1.x release that integrates Jonathan Morton's libfastmint -- with nice fast C and assembler for x86 using mmx instructions, and PPC using vector units. Very fast.
  • 29 Aug 2004 - .net hashcash Mitch Denny wrote some code for hashcash in C#
  • 25 Aug 2004 - debian release - Hubert Chan (maintainer of hashcash debian installer) says "now hashcash is in Debian testing, which means that it will make it into the next stable release of Debian."
  • 24 Aug 2004 - spam assassin book - desktoplinux.com news spamassassin book including description of how to "to configure SpamAssassin to work with newer spam-filtering methods such as Hashcash".
  • 15 Aug 2004 - code update - I updated the hashcash in shell script to support version 1 tokens. (Also fixed the mint function was not working in previous version, but minting is very slow in sh script anyway so I don't expect anyone would use it).
  • 14 Aug 2004 - related protocol and code - Hal Finney announced and released the RPOW client and server. RPOW means Re-usable Proof-of-Work. RPOW servers exchange hashcash for a form of online verifiable transferable proof-of-work. You exchange hashcash stamps for RPOW tokens. The RPOW tokens can be exchanged. An interesting aspect of the RPOW protocol and implementation is that you do not have to trust the RPOW server not to cheat (eg by issuing RPOW tokens without corresponding hashcash, or cheat by allowing selective double spending). This is achieved by running the RPOW server on IBM tamper resistant PC-on-a-card which has a software attestation feature similar to Trustworthy Computing inititative (but used for user verification of server good behavior rather than usual server control of user machines).
  • 09 Aug 2004 - package update - Hubert Chan's <hubert@uhoreg.ca> debian .deb package released to debian unstable. The debian unstable hashcash download page. (Next stage is migrate to testing).
  • 09 Aug 2004 - new code - python hascash code released by David McNab <david@rebirthing.co.nz>. Note the code so far appears to be format incompatible with both v1 and v0 hashcash code.
  • 08 Aug 2004 - code major new version - hashcash 1.01 version 1 format code released in preparation for the imminent debian and SpamAssassin 3.0 release. And here are the details about the version 1 format changes mainly that it is extensible, has an explicit field giving it's value, and a separate counter / collision avoidance field
  • 07 Aug 2004 - code update - Kyle Hasselbacher's <kyle@toehold.com> hashcash-sendmail 0.18 released which adds support for v1 format hashcash stamps
  • 11 Jul 2004 - related internet-draft - "SIP Computational Puzzles" draft-jennings-sip-hashcash-00.txt by C Jennings/Cisco. Proposes the hashcash thing applied to SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to reduce SIP session spamming. Technically it looks like the protocol is more like Juel's and Brainard's Computational Puzzle than the interactive version of hashcash .
  • 23 Jun 2004 - related tech proposal -- "Coordinated Spam Reduction Initiative" (CSRI) proposal by Microsoft. Proposes a number of anti-spam measures, including using hashcash (with an incompatible format). See section 11 Computational Puzzles for Spam Deterrence.